Gerard B. Sullivan, P.E.

Jerry SullivanMr. Sullivan holds a B.S. in Engineering Science from Hofstra University and became a registered professional engineer in The State of Florida in 1980. He has more than forty years of experience in structural design and engineering, including work in areas of manufacturing, design software programming, and engineering project supervision. He founded Sullivan and Associates Engineering Inc. in 1982, in which he has performed truss design and inspection, tile floor inspection, general structural inspection, roof inspections, and forensic investigation. Mr. Sullivan joined Omega Forensic Engineering in 2008.

Mr. Sullivan is an expert in wood truss engineering. In addition to his extensive design work for roof and floor trusses, he has performed consulting services for truss plate manufacturers and wood truss manufacturers. He has also been called as an expert witness concerning wood trusses on numerous occasions.

While serving as Broward County’s Chairman of the Structural Committee of the Board of Rules and Appeals, Mr. Sullivan played a key role following Hurricane Andrew in the revision of the Broward Edition of the South Florida Building Code, which included innovations regarding the design of structures for hurricane force winds.

Educational and Professional Associations

  • B.S. – Engineering Science, Hofstra University, 1970
  • Registered Professional Engineer – Florida No. PE28404
  • Past Florida State Certified General Contractor (always kept inactive status)
  • Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Florida Engineering Society (former member)
  • Board of Directors of South Florida Truss Manufacturers and Components Association (former member)

Professional Experience

  • Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc., Senior Engineer, 2008 – Present
  • Sullivan and Associates Engineering, Inc., Sole Proprietor 1982 – Present
  • Tall Tree Truss, Chief Engineer 1981 – 1982
  • Precision Roof Systems, Vice President in Charge of Engineering 1976 – 1981
  • Causeway Lumber Company, Engineer and Detailer, Truss Department 1974 – 1976
  • Quality Roof Truss Company, Engineer and Detailer 1974
  • Alpine Engineered Products, Truss Design Engineer, Programmer, and Truss and Materials Testing 1972 – 1974
  • United States Navy, Officer 1970 – 1976 (Active and Reserve)

Service Experience

  • Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals 1991 – 1996
  • Chairman of the Board 1995
  • Chairman of the Structural Committee of the Board of Rules and Appeals (presently active)
  • Chairman of the Steering Committee for reviewing and rewriting the Broward Edition of the South Florida Building Code
  • Wood Structures Sub-committee, Wind Loading Sub-committee, Footings Sub-committee
  • Advisor to the Roofing Sub-committee
  • Broward County Board of Adjustment 1981 – 1984
  • Metro-Dade Urban Search and Rescue Team, Engineer (former member)


  • 3/2005: Qagish vs. Apline: Depo: Investigation and Deposition; did not go to trial
  • 9/2005: Gavin School vs. Alpine: Chicago; Investigate and Preparation for Deposition; did not go to trial
  • 10/2007: Chambers Truss vs. Safeco Ins.; Investigate and Preparation for Deposition: did not go to trial
  • 2/2008: Frazee vs. Alpine: Investigation and Deposition; unknown if it went to trial
  • 1/2009: Naples Lumber vs. Mathieu Family; Investigation and Preparation for Deposition
  • 6/2009: William Knapstein and Carol Knapstein bs. Nationwide Insurance; Depostion; Brevard County
  • 8/2001: Maria Hechavarria vs. Sunshine State Insurance: Deposition; settled out of court; Broward County
  • 2009 – Present: FDIC Amtrust Bank of Sunrise v. MHS Contracting, Inc., et al; Broward County; Investigation and Deposition of 7/31/12; still pending
  • 9/2/2015: Joseph Dalleyand Liverta Dally vs. Tower Hill Prime Insurance Company case # COCE-15-010058 17th Judicial Circuit Court for Broward County; Deposition
  • 10/2/15: Mock Trial at Citizens’ offices in Jacksonville, FL with Attorneys Jeff Wank and Michael Parker of Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman and Goggins of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 6/15/16: Rey Vs. American Integrity: Broward Court Case # CACE:13-21170 Esperanza Brisco with DBM for American Integrity; Alian Perez with Montesano & Perz, for Plaintiff; Deposition
  • 8/17/16 Daisy Perez vs. Tower Hill: Miami-Dade Circuit Court Case # 15-024123 CA 01 Justin Guido with Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell for Tower Hill; Peter Mineo and Thomas Juliano with The Mineo Salcede Law Firm; Deposition
  • 10/19/16 Rey Vs. American Integrity: Broward Court Case # CACE:13-21170 Esperanza Brisco with DBM for American Integrity; Alian Perez and his partner with Montesano & Perz for Plaintiff; Testimony at Trial
  • 12/2/16 Douglas vs. Citizens Broward Court case # CACE16005747 Chris Conaaly with Willams, Leininger & Cosby for Citizens: John Salcedo with The Mineo Salcedo Law firm for the plaintiff: deposition
  • 2/23/17: Horland vs. St. Johns Insurance Company; Broward Court case # 15-018253 CACE 13; deposition with Marybeth Cullinan with Bartlett, McDonough & Monaghan for St. Johns and Jack Benmeleh with Militzok & Levy, PA
  • 4/27/18: Milber Ramos vs. Citizens Property Insurance; Broward Court case # CACE 15-0290974 Joshua Strudwick with Allen & Newman for Citizens; Mario Enriquez of Ramirez Enriquez Law Firm, for the plaintiff
  • 5/11/18: Luiz Ruiz vs. Citizens Property Insurance: Miami-Dade Court Case No.:2015-00587 CA 32; Joe Kovecses with Gray/ Robinson for Citizens; Joanna Alemany with Marin, Eljaiek, Lopes & Martinez for the plaintiff. Deposition.
  • • 7/12/18: Ken Gibbs vs. Tower Hill Preferred Ins Co.: Broward Court Case #CACE15002574; Jason Wolf, Esq. with KPWS Law Firm vs. Stems Law, trial.