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Omega Forensic Engineering Presents at Natural Disasters Expo in Miami

Jamey Bennett, director of product development, shares best practices and debuts new song

Jamey Bennett, director of product development at Omega Forensic Engineering, presented at the Natural Disasters Expo in Miami. Held for the first time, the event featured prominent speakers from NASA, the National Hurricane Center, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and prominent experts in the disaster recovery and emergency response industries. The event was held on Feb. 7-8 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Miami Convention Center. Free for attendees, the expo boasted 300 vendors, 100 speakers, and over 100 live demos for participants to learn the latest in cutting-edge technology, relief program readiness, and emerging global trends in the natural disaster industry.

Bennett’s presentation, “Forensic Experts and Property Claims: Why You May Need an Expert and What to Expect”, featured key details of a forensic engineering investigation; when a claims adjuster may need an expert engineer; and what to expect from a final report. Bennett debuted his latest song, “Expert Opinions”, highlighting Omega’s groundbreaking work.

“It was a blast to debut ‘Expert Opinions’ here at the National Disasters Expo, and I received a lot of positive feedback! In an industry that deals with so much on the line, it’s nice to have some fun with it and really showcase how our company is different,” says Bennett.

“Expert Opinions” showcases how the expert team at Omega Forensic Engineering provides unbiased, cutting-edge reporting and clear, concise reporting in the chaotic insurance claim environment. Omega Forensics staff also exhibited at the event and provided demos on their latest reporting and technology initiatives.

With over 14 years of industry experience, Bennett carries an all-lines Florida adjusters license and has an extensive background in technical writing at Omega Forensic. Bennett is currently president of the South Florida Claims Association, a membership organization that includes insurance claims adjusters and industry professionals. The organization’s goal is to promote harmony and provide ongoing opportunities for networking and advanced education.

The expo featured a variety of keynote speakers from global experts including Ken Graham, director at the National Hurricane Center; Christopher Landsea, Ph.D., branch chief at the National Hurricane Center; Robert McSwain, aerospace engineer at NASA; Antwane Johnson, director of the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) at FEMA; Todd S. Pridges, Ph.D. of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; William P. Mahoney III, director of research at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Other speakers included experts from industry-leading organizations throughout the nation. Presenters shared developing trends on the potential impact of future natural disasters, emergency response management, and business recovery post-disaster.

Exhibitors included experts in infrastructure, environmental management, regulatory affairs, sustainability, energy management, health and safety, insurance, seismology, waste and public protection, transportation, actuary management, atmospheric science, meteorology and paleotempestology.

About Omega Forensic
Omega Forensic Engineering has over 30 years of experience providing technical support to insurers, adjusters, attorneys, owners and property managers throughout Florida. We specialize in construction defects, roof damage, structural damage, plumbing failures, water and mold damage, fire and electrical, flooring, and personal injury. Learn more at

About the Natural Disasters Expo
The Natural Disasters Expo brings thousands of disaster specialists, government service providers, weather experts, insurers, and disaster relief efforts from across the globe all under one roof. The event includes the Storm Expo, Flood Expo, Heat & Flood Expo, and the Earthquake Expo. Learn more at

Omega Expands Daily Service in Orlando

Seasoned Engineer, Gregory D. Loomis, P.E. Leads the Charge into Central Florida

[Orlando, Florida—August 2020] Omega Forensic Engineering has been actively engaged in forensic investigations since the early 1990’s, most notably in South Florida. Over the last decade, Omega has been expanding its service area throughout the state earning them a spot as one of Florida’s top forensic engineering firms in residential and commercial forensic investigation services and failure analysis consulting.

While Omega Forensic Engineering has been conducting inspections in Central Florida for years, for the first time an office has been established in Orlando, offering services and speedy response time in Central Florida, with Gregory D. Loomis, P.E. at the helm.  Mr. Loomis, a seasoned cause and origin expert, has been with Omega Forensic for over a decade.

As one of the top Orlando structural engineers In the Industry, Mr. Loomis brings with him extensive knowledge and practical experience in the evaluation of construction defects and a variety of forensic engineering investigations, including failure analysis consulting and evaluation of damage caused by hurricanes, settlement, construction vibration, water damage, and more.

In addition to Mr. Loomis’s background in structural design of commercial and residential construction, as well as the preparation of structural construction documents, he has been examined under oath on numerous occasions. 

One Broward County attorney remarked:

Greg delivered a stellar performance during a recent deposition, in which he was questioned relentlessly by the attorney who tried to poke holes in his report. Greg never wavered from his opinions, no matter how many times the plaintiff’s attorney tried to manipulate his testimony. Overall I would give Greg an ‘A’ for his performance under pressure and would not hesitate to use him again at deposition and trial.

Jamey Bennett, Omega’s Director of Product Development, says:

For decades we have been known widely for our reliable expertise in South Florida and our top-notch, streamlined forensic reporting, but one of our best-kept secrets is that for over a decade we have conducted active investigations throughout the state. As we’ve grown our presence in Florida, it has been necessary to partner with capable forensic engineering consultants in new areas—but this is the first time we have taken one of our own, a seasoned engineer who has worked with us for a dozen years and moved him to a new market—right in the Orlando metropolitan area. Word is starting to get out that we have boots on the ground in Orlando, and our customers have enjoyed a quicker turnaround closer to the source. Central Florida’s needs are not exactly the same as South Florida, so it’s been great to have a dedicated engineer focused on the unique needs of this area.

Omega Forensic is not only proud of its expansion but Mr. Bennett also goes on to say that  “we are also thrilled to have two brothers, Patrick and Chris Blair—both with extensive construction experience and engineering knowledge—building our presence in the Tampa Bay region as well.”

Bennett says the company has rolled out a new regional map on its website and printed materials reflecting the territorial changes. 

Omega Forensic brings decades of experience in forensic investigations. From residential to commercial inspections, we are known for our technical expertise, our objectivity, and our clear and concise opinions.


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Free Hand Sanitizer from Omega

Attention claims adjusters and other industry professionals!

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Omega CARES!

We care about our neighbors.

As fellow residents of Florida, we care about our friends and neighbors who went through Hurricane Irma. Here are a some ways we are giving back to the community in the aftermath of the storm.

We believe it is important to get relief items to those who faced the worst part of the storm.

SaltWater Brewery on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach is currently collecting important every day items such as toilet paper, cases of water bottles, diapers, formula, and so on. They are working with an organization that will transport these items to Puerto Rico and the Florida Keys.Simply swing by SaltWater with your donation items during business hours and drop them off. We did!

And then this Saturday, September 30, 2017 we will be joining Rebuilding Together Broward County and CrossFit Empirical to do some fixing up at a military veteran’s house in Fort Lauderdale!

The television crew from Military Makeover® will be there as well, documenting the effort for inclusion in a future episode.

The work day will begin at 8 am sharp and go until 1 pm. If you’re interested in joining with us, please reply to this email with your interest and Jamey Bennett will put you on the RSVP list and get you directions to the house.

Windstorm 2014

Omega Forensic Engineering

Omega is exhibiting in booth #307 at Windstorm 2014!

Come meet Andrew M. Knysh, P.E. and other staff members from Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc. at the 15th Anniversary Windstorm Insurance Conference in Orlando, January 27-30, 2014, held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel.

For decades, Omega Forensic has proven to be a reliable voice in the world of forensic investigations in Florida. Now meet the folks who made it happen.

We’ll be in booth 307. Come by and say hi if you get a chance. See the layout of the exhibit hall here.



New Course: Evaluating Floor Tile Claims

Example of Tile Damage

For Immediate Release

New Course for Claims Adjusters from Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc.

Evaluating Floor Tile Claims gives adjusters everything they need to know about tile floor damage, and earns them Continuing Education credits for the State of Florida—at no cost to them.

Parkland, Florida, United States (October 10, 2013) — Among the most common claims made in property insurance are those for floor tile damage. Adjusters must  address multiple potential concerns when assessing these claims—and this class was created to help them do just that.

Evaluating Floor Tile Claims covers an array of topics, including:

  • An Overview of Floor Tile Types and Manufacturing
  • Proper Installation of Floor Tiles
  • Floor Tile Bond Failure
  • Moisture Damage to Tile Floors
  • Damage to Tiles over Wood-Framed Floors
  • Characteristics of Surface Damage

Students learn exactly how tiles are made, installed and damaged—and how this knowledge can be used when evaluating tile damage claims. The course includes hands-on demonstrations that show what kind of damage can be caused by ordinary household objects.

Andy Knysh CaricatureAndrew M. Knysh, P.E., the course facilitator, is president and lead investigator for Omega Forensic Engineering, a firm of  engineers in Florida with decades of experience in forensic investigations of both residential and commercial damage. He has personally conducted more than 3500 investigative projects dealing with both engineering and construction-related issues, including building structure and finish damage, construction defects, personal injury, product liability and repair recommendations.

Mr. Knysh is accredited by the state of Florida to teach this course, which has been designed to assist those who hold a Florida insurance adjuster license in completing part of the 24 hours of Continuing Education required biannually, as well as giving them valuable knowledge about the best ways to deal with this very common category of claims.

Evaluating Floor Tile Claims is free of charge. Omega Forensic is now booking classes for this important course.

Media Contact:
Name: Jamey Bennett, Director of Product Development at Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc.
Phone: 615-336-1807

Press Release: New Website & Social Media Presence

OmegaForensic Avatar

For Immediate Release

Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc. is now online—a new way to get in touch for true forensic engineering expertise in the world of damage investigations

The most trusted name in residential and commercial forensic investigation services in Florida, Omega Forensic has made it easier than ever for customers to reach them with their newly launched website and social media connections.

Parkland, FL (September 9, 2013): In the muddy waters of forensic insurance investigation, Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc. is a company of excellence you can rely on. A Florida-based company that has been in business for decades, Omega Forensic is bringing a new, tech savvy approach to their communication that will serve customers’ needs better than ever before.

Omega Forensic is now reaching prospective and current customers through their new website,, as well as through social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where they are offering regular updates with interesting and useful nuggets of information to their followers regarding forensic investigation for both property owners and insurers in the difficult waters of the insurance claim process.

The new website also features an exciting blog which has been created with the purpose of keeping customers in the know about important news and damage-related information pertaining to forensic inspections.

Omega is a professional engineering firm providing technical support to insurers, adjusters, attorneys, owners and property managers. A variety of services are provided by Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc., all of which are described in detail on the new website. Water damage and mold, personal injury, flooring damage, roof damage, fire and electrical damage, plumbing failures, structural damage, construction defects and other such unfortunate events are all candidates for investigation. Their team of engineers begins work as soon as possible after an incident, gathering data and recording their observations on site. Once they have gauged all the evidence, the cause of damage or failure can be determined and an expert opinion about the damage in question is provided in the form of an illustrated, comprehensive, full-color report.

From residential to commercial inspections, the team at Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc. is known for their technical expertise, their objectivity, and their clear and concise opinions. They look forward to connecting with you for your damage-related investigation needs.

Media Contact:
Name: Jamey Bennett, Director of Product Development at Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc.
Phone:  615-336-1807