Non-Storm Related Moisture Intrusion?

David P. Amori writes the following for Claims Management magazine, regarding investigations of moisture intrusion, distress, and possible non-storm related causes:

It also is the time of year when discoloration of ceiling finishes, delamination of trim, and other distress to interior finishes is noticed. One might wonder: Is the distress relatable to last week’s hail storm, or last month’s heavy rain with high-velocity winds?

For this distress to result in covered damage, often the question becomes “Was there a storm-created opening that allowed moisture to penetrate the building envelope? Storm-created openings often are somewhat straightforward. They typically result in missing shingles, punctured roof membranes, or broken windows.

But what if there is not such an opening? Where did the distress come from? The answer can be more subtle and, in many conditions, could be a latent condition that has existed since construction of the building. The following are some common examples of moisture intrusion related distress and their non-storm related causes.

Specifically, he highlights condensation, ventillation, and maintenance. Read the rest here.