Omega has expanded daily coverage to North Florida and the Panhandle! 

For decades, Omega Forensic Engineering has been well known in South Florida, but as we’ve grown our presence throughout Central and North Florida, it has been necessary to partner with capable forensic engineering consultants in new areas.  As a response to increased demand, we are excited to announce that we are now equipped for statewide inspections from Tallahassee to Pensacola.

The Omega team of Professional Engineers is knowledgeable in a broad range of structural and construction issues, including design defects, product specification, and code compliance. With decades of experience in forensic investigations, we are known for our technical expertise, our objectivity, and clear and concise opinions presented in a professional and expertly written, full-color reporting format our clients have come to love.    

From construction defects to roof and water damage, Omega Forensic’s engineers are fully qualified to examine and evaluate construction and weather-related claims.  

We schedule our inspections promptly and conduct them professionally, collecting all relevant data and recording our observations on site.  After evaluating the evidence, we determine the cause of damage or failure and formulate an expert opinion about the damage claim.  Our engineers have many years of experience in building design and inspection, and have been deeply involved in the evolution of the Florida Building Code. Omega has been expanding its service area throughout the state earning them a spot as one of Florida’s top forensic engineering firms in residential and commercial forensic investigation consulting.  

Our new Panhandle operation is served by top-notch, professional engineers, who bring with them extensive knowledge and practical experience in the evaluation of a variety of forensic engineering investigations, including failure analysis consulting and evaluation of damage caused by hurricanes, settlement, construction vibration, water damage, and more.  We are confident you will find the same high-quality service and professional expertise in forensic investigations that Florida has seen for decades.  

Omega Forensic Engineering is the name you can continue to trust to serve your needs—but now with expanded capacity!

Reach out now, and let us know how we can help!