Fire and Electrical

When a fire or explosion occurs, it is crucial to determine the cause and origin. Human, electrical, mechanical, and material factors could all play a role, and identifying the true cause of fire or electrical damage can be challenging.

Our experience in investigations of this type is broad, and our knowledge base is both practical and technical. Our team is well qualified to research, inspect, and document all of the relevant evidence at a fire site, and provide fast and accurate answers essential to the forensics assessment and claims process.

We will provide you with analysis that makes sense and an opinion you can trust. Omega Forensic is your best choice for fire and electrical damage assessment in Florida.

  • Fire Cause and Origin
  • Fire Damage Assessment
  • Electrical Failures
  • Materials Testing
  • Lightning
  • Smoke Damage
  • Subrogation Investigations
  • Engineered Repair Specifications
  • Industrial and Commercial Investigations
  • Residential Structural Damage