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Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc. is now online—a new way to get in touch for true forensic engineering expertise in the world of damage investigations

The most trusted name in residential and commercial forensic investigation services in Florida, Omega Forensic has made it easier than ever for customers to reach them with their newly launched website and social media connections.

Parkland, FL (September 9, 2013): In the muddy waters of forensic insurance investigation, Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc. is a company of excellence you can rely on. A Florida-based company that has been in business for decades, Omega Forensic is bringing a new, tech savvy approach to their communication that will serve customers’ needs better than ever before.

Omega Forensic is now reaching prospective and current customers through their new website,, as well as through social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where they are offering regular updates with interesting and useful nuggets of information to their followers regarding forensic investigation for both property owners and insurers in the difficult waters of the insurance claim process.

The new website also features an exciting blog which has been created with the purpose of keeping customers in the know about important news and damage-related information pertaining to forensic inspections.

Omega is a professional engineering firm providing technical support to insurers, adjusters, attorneys, owners and property managers. A variety of services are provided by Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc., all of which are described in detail on the new website. Water damage and mold, personal injury, flooring damage, roof damage, fire and electrical damage, plumbing failures, structural damage, construction defects and other such unfortunate events are all candidates for investigation. Their team of engineers begins work as soon as possible after an incident, gathering data and recording their observations on site. Once they have gauged all the evidence, the cause of damage or failure can be determined and an expert opinion about the damage in question is provided in the form of an illustrated, comprehensive, full-color report.

From residential to commercial inspections, the team at Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc. is known for their technical expertise, their objectivity, and their clear and concise opinions. They look forward to connecting with you for your damage-related investigation needs.

Media Contact:
Name: Jamey Bennett, Director of Product Development at Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc.
Phone:  615-336-1807