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Non-Storm Related Moisture Intrusion?

David P. Amori writes the following for Claims Management magazine, regarding investigations of moisture intrusion, distress, and possible non-storm related causes:

It also is the time of year when discoloration of ceiling finishes, delamination of trim, and other distress to interior finishes is noticed. One might wonder: Is the distress relatable to last week’s hail storm, or last month’s heavy rain with high-velocity winds?

For this distress to result in covered damage, often the question becomes “Was there a storm-created opening that allowed moisture to penetrate the building envelope? Storm-created openings often are somewhat straightforward. They typically result in missing shingles, punctured roof membranes, or broken windows.

But what if there is not such an opening? Where did the distress come from? The answer can be more subtle and, in many conditions, could be a latent condition that has existed since construction of the building. The following are some common examples of moisture intrusion related distress and their non-storm related causes.

Specifically, he highlights condensation, ventillation, and maintenance. Read the rest here.

New Course: Evaluating Floor Tile Claims

Example of Tile Damage

For Immediate Release

New Course for Claims Adjusters from Omega Forensic Engineering, Inc.

Evaluating Floor Tile Claims gives adjusters everything they need to know about tile floor damage, and earns them Continuing Education credits for the State of Florida—at no cost to them.

Parkland, Florida, United States (October 10, 2013) — Among the most common claims made in property insurance are those for floor tile damage. Adjusters must  address multiple potential concerns when assessing these claims—and this class was created to help them do just that.

Evaluating Floor Tile Claims covers an array of topics, including:

  • An Overview of Floor Tile Types and Manufacturing
  • Proper Installation of Floor Tiles
  • Floor Tile Bond Failure
  • Moisture Damage to Tile Floors
  • Damage to Tiles over Wood-Framed Floors
  • Characteristics of Surface Damage

Students learn exactly how tiles are made, installed and damaged—and how this knowledge can be used when evaluating tile damage claims. The course includes hands-on demonstrations that show what kind of damage can be caused by ordinary household objects.

Andy Knysh CaricatureAndrew M. Knysh, P.E., the course facilitator, is president and lead investigator for Omega Forensic Engineering, a firm of  engineers in Florida with decades of experience in forensic investigations of both residential and commercial damage. He has personally conducted more than 3500 investigative projects dealing with both engineering and construction-related issues, including building structure and finish damage, construction defects, personal injury, product liability and repair recommendations.

Mr. Knysh is accredited by the state of Florida to teach this course, which has been designed to assist those who hold a Florida insurance adjuster license in completing part of the 24 hours of Continuing Education required biannually, as well as giving them valuable knowledge about the best ways to deal with this very common category of claims.

Evaluating Floor Tile Claims is free of charge. Omega Forensic is now booking classes for this important course.

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